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Setting The Space

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Home stone and tile kitchen
December 6, 2016
If you’re looking to truly elevate a space, there is arguably no single design element that adds impact and beauty like stone and tile. And with the exquisite array of materials on the market today,...
Interior Design inspiration
December 5, 2016
Potential and current clients often ask Wilson Kelsey Design how to organize their interior design project. The first step to starting your project: Organize the images that inspire you These top 3...
Architecture Cottage Home Remodel
December 5, 2016
How do you retain the charm and warmth of a lakeside cottage while adapting it for a modern family? That was the task for architect Peter Haig, AIA, of Architectural Design when it came to...
White Holiday Home Decor
December 1, 2016
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?Here’s how you can make your dream a reality with white holiday décor for your home. Neutral color schemes are making a statement for the holiday season. Your...
Photo courtesy of Deborah Paine
November 22, 2016
There’s no place like the heart of the home for the holidays. Architectural Kitchens; interior design by Anthony Catalfano Interiors; built by Kenneth Vona Construction; photo by Richard Mandelkorn...
Mirror home trends
November 17, 2016
Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Or, on the table, on the appliances, you name it. Make sure you are looking your best from all angles because mirrored pieces can be found anywhere and everywhere in home...

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