Another TJ’s Featured Product: Tekmar's Newest Energy Saving Products Introduced

February 16, 2012

TJ's Logo WEBTJ's was proud to be in attendance as Rob Ellis from FIA introduced the new Tekmar 552 touch screen thermostat and Tekmar House Control Systems. Both products offer ease of use and the opportunity to have better control of room environments, offering increased comfort and energy savings.

TJ's was impressed by the ease of use and set up. The best feature is that the house control looks at all the zones in the home and gives the boiler proper direction based on actual room environments, allowing condensing boilers to run at their designed efficiencies. Outdoor reset is still used; but, the end result is actual room reset and the ultimate comfort at the lowest operating cost.

Both products enhance an already efficient system and are fully compatible with today’s more efficient boilers.

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